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Thailand Photos: Ramkhamhaeng National Park & Sukhothai Historical Park : 04 - 06 March 2005
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Some pictures from our survey trip to Sukhothai province. We arrived Ramkhamhaeng national park at 11 pm to sleep in a bungalow. Next day morning we climbed the 1200 meters high Khao Luang mountain on the 4000 meters long trail. It took nearly four hours carrying all gear and foods ourselves. After a night camping at the summit we walked down and continued to Sukhothai historical park. A few pictures taken by a former student intern in 2002 are on the last page.
The bungalow we stayed The bungalow we stayed in the Ramkhamhaeng national park. The park had several bungalows which could be booked by contacting the Royal Forest Department in Bangkok or directly at the park. This bungalow had three bed rooms, two bathrooms, a living room, an refrigerator and a water boiler. Clean and nice.

During the first half of the climb we passed some forest fires like this one. In the summer season swinging trees and their branches pushed and rubbed one another in the hot air, and thus could generate forest fires. The day we arrived the park was the day the cold wave from the north arrived. The fires were dying, but at one place we passed by the still flaming wood. Climbing trail to Khao Luang - forest fire in March

The trail to the summit of Khao Luang - Ramkhamhaeng national park When we reached higher elevation the temperature became colder. The scenes were getting more beautiful. This trail passed gently through the trees. It was an easy refreshing section of the trail. I would say more than half of the trail was quite steep; but there were wooden or bamboo handrails and steps at very steep sections.

A large "Sai" tree we passed by on the trail to the summit. We took a rest for a drink and photos there. Several rest places with benches were provided along the trail. At a couple of rest places there were natural water supplies for cleaning and washing.

Since we carried on our shoulders two sets of tents, ground sheets and sleeping bags; cooking gear, foods, four large drinking water bottles, first aid kit, etc. and our back packs we made short stop at almost every rest station.
A large Sai tree on the trail

View from Khao Jedi peak When we reached the camp site at the summit we pitched our tents, made a quick lunch of hot drinks and breads, and set out to walk to the four peaks surrounding the camp yard. This view was taken from Khao Jedi peak. It was windy and cold in the middle of the summer due to the unexpected cold wave.

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