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Thailand Photos: Chanthaburi province : 21 - 23 January 2005
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Namtok Troknong waterfall On the last day we went to Troknong waterfall station, also within Philu waterfall national park, for a hike. There were a large group of students camping there, and no staff guide was available for a trek. So we hiked ourselves along the stream into the forest. We could only go as far as Klang waterfall. Then there was thick forest of thorny trees to Troknong waterfall.

After lunch and shower at Troknong waterfall station we came back to Chanthaburi town and continued to Laem Sing cape for a visit to the Lighthouse there. The officers at the lighthouse explained us the history and the working. This lighthouse was built 99 years ago, and next year (2006) would be its 100th anniversary. It had a solar cell to produce the energy from sunlight. The light from the lighthouse was automatically opened and closed. The lighthouse at Laem Sing cape - Chanthaburi river mouth

Koh Chula Close to Laem Sing cape at the mouth of Chanthaburi river was a small island at sea, called Koh Chula.

From the lighthouse we walked 50 meters to a view point. From there we could see the lion head shaped rock below the cliff. That was why it was named "Laem Sing". The sunset here was second to none. Our trip was coming to an end like the sun going to sleep; we hurried back to the taxi and went to the bus station for Bangkok. Sun set over Koh Nong Saung

Map of Namtok Philu national park - Chanthaburi Map index
  1. Headquarters
  2. Pliew (Philu) waterfall
  3. Trok Nong waterfall
  4. Makok waterfall
  5. Klong Narai waterfall

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