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Thailand Photos: Chanthaburi province : 21 - 23 January 2005
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Namtok Makok waterfall From the view point we continued to Makot waterfall stream. There was still some water even though it was quite a dry period in Thailand after the less than usual rainy season. The stream formed a number of falls on its way to the lowland. It was a nice little waterfall with lot of rocks and stones. Both sides of the stream were thick forest and rock wall. We saw schools of fish (Pluang-Hin) swimming against the current.

The waters and its cool atmosphere made me feel fresh after the gruelling climb through the thorn trees.

This was another level of Makok waterfall. In the upper parts of the stream we did not find a good place to pitch our tents. We walked down to a place not very far from the station, to camp. Another level of Makok waterfall - Philu waterfall national park - Chanthaburi

Makok stream where we camp - Chanthaburi province We cleared a small space for our tents beside the stream here. It was a lovely place. Not much water, but as the silence of the evening fell I could clearly hear the sound of water flowing pass the stones all time. We pitched the tents about 30 meters from the river and prepared to do the cooking.

We brought with us only minimum amount of gear: two tents, two ground sheets, two sleeping bags, some ropes, a pot for cooking, a trowel for digging the earth, two sets of cups and spoons, two torch lights, a medicine kit and a few others.

I collected dead wood and fallen branches of trees to build fire. We boiled the canal water to drink and to make hot drink.
Cooking in the jungle - Makok waterfall

Our tents We were in the jungle. It was a cool green experience. Being close by the small musical river and under the moon which could be seen through the thick canopy of trees, I fell into very sound sleep.

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