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Thailand Photos: Chanthaburi province : 21 - 23 January 2005
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Selected photos from our survey to Chanthaburi province. We went to Namtok Philu waterfall national park where we climbed to a view point, camped by the stream of Makok waterfall, and hiked along Troknong waterfall stream. Also visited a light house in Laem Sing at the mouth of Chanthaburi river.
Namtok Makok station Namtok (waterfall) Makok ranger station on the eastern park of Philu waterfall national park in Chanthaburi province. There were 4 or 5 rangers stationed there. There was no entrance fee charged at that time. Ones could go to the station by car or motorcycle. Tourists could do nature walking along the mountain stream, climbing, and camping. Public toilets and rest rooms were available, but there was no restaurant there.

With two rangers we climbed the Mab Wa Krok mountain. The peak of this mountain was shown in our map as 924 meters. We were not going to the peak however. There were trees and plants with thorns everywhere. Since very few people had climbed the hill in several months the trail was blocked by thick forest growth. The rangers used knifes to cut the branches with thorns to make way to walk. Climbing through trees with thorns

Pushing myself through the trees to climb the hill I pushed myself through the forest. There were bamboo, large and small plants, plants with long branches with hairs of thorns. From inside the wood we did not see the sun and sky. We were always under the canopy of plants and bamboo.

Sometimes we passed the hill slopes with lose bamboo. No wildlife was there to be seen except birds and insects.

After more than one hour of cutting and climbing we reached this view point. We still needed to cut the tree branches to shoot picture of the views below. Because of thick trees 360 degree view was impossible even at the peak of the hill. From there we could see Makok station and the small lake behind it. We could even hear the sound of cars on the road to the station, so it must not be higher than about 700 meters. View point

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