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Thailand Photos: Nam Nao and Phukradung national parks: 19 -22 Dec 2004
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19 to 22 December 2004 trip to Nam Nao and Phukradung national parks was arranged by The weather was cold, down to 6 degrees C at night in both parks. We camped in tents for 3 nights.
Campsite with tents in Nam Nao headquarters area Nam Nao national park camp yard near the headquarters. They had 2-man tents and large family size tents, ground sheets, matresses, and blankets for rent. The December night and early morning temperature was chilling here. There were restaurants, public phone boots, toilets and rest rooms there. A museum housing a 3 dimensional model of the park, stuffed animal skins, photos, and books was also there.

We went hiking using a trail circuit map. The trails around the headquarters were from 1 km to several km in lengths. Pines were seen in large number along with many other species. The trails were easy to moderate. For the trails close to the headquarters people could go without a guide. Walking all these trails would need you to get a park guide unless you have already done so previously.

From a couple of highland view points you could see Phukradung (another national park) and Phu Pha Chi (a flat top mountain - the highest in Nam Nao).
Large tree in the forest part

A virew from Tam Par Hong view point - a lone bird A lone bird seen from Tam Par Hong view point near km marker 39 on highway no. 12. The view point at the top of a cliff was good for sunset. The climb to the view point was a few hundred meters on steep stone ladder.

The sun was getting down and down over Phetchabun plateau to the west of Nam Nao. We walked around the top of the hill to see the surrounding landscape. It was a nice place, the weather being just fine. But as the time went by it was getting cool and cold. Sunset view from Tam Par Hong - Nam Nao

Sunset view from Tam Par Hong Sunset photo I could get with my mini digital camera. The real thing was far far more beautiful than this picture. Mountains after mountains were seen in all directions. Looking to the east it was a dim; while I turn back to the west the setting sun sprayed its last lights of the day over the layers of hills and the sky above them.

We saw this hornbill in the pine trees near the restaurant at the headquarters area. The foods sold in these restaurants were quite delicious. They provided hot water too. A horn bill in the pine trees - Nam Nao

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