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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai national park trek: 11 -12 Dec 2004
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Wild elephant in Khao Yai national park On the way we went back from the park's headquarters to Prachinburi we met with this young wild elephant. It was before reaching the southern gate of the park. Standing in the trees beside the road, maybe, the elephant wanted to cross the road to follow his/her mother.

The highway 2090/3077 which cut through the park north-south was a day time barrier for many wildlife since many cars used the highway daily.

Trail map
The trail map of our trip

The picture of the trail bed taken by a student intern while she walked in Khao Yai in September 2003 - in the middle of the rainy season. There were a lot of leeches everywhere on the wet ground. If you plan to walk in the wet season to enjoy the very green and fresh atmosphere prepare for the encounter with these creatures. The trail bed in rainy season

Klong E Tow station in rainy season Arriving Klong E Tow station in September 2003 - in the wet season. Things were wet and green and fresh. Everywhere there were life; butterflies, insects, wild animals, birds, fat river streams, green leafy trees, and very fresh and clean air. You could hear pleasant sounds of animals as well as the waterfalls.

Bungpai ranger station  A view form Bungpai guard station
Arriving Bungpai guard station (left). A view from Bungpai station (right) both were taken in September 2003. Bungpai station house (2004) looked newer than Klong E Tow. However Klong E Tow staion layout and location offered more convenient and inviting atmosphere for campers.

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