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Thailand Photos: Khao Yai national park trek: 11 -12 Dec 2004
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Pictures from our survey trip to Khao Yai national park about 200 km to the north-east of Bangkok. Because of its proximity to Bangkok all our staffs have been there one or more times. A couple of pictures taken in rainy season (September 2003) have been added for comparison.
Klong E Tow stream in December Klong E Tow stream in December 2004. That year was quite a dry year for Thailand and its neighbours. There was not much waters. But the water was cold. A ranger station house was around here.

The guards stationed at this place used the stream water for shower and cleaning. They brought drinking water from outside ( from the headquarters ).

In the early morning next day I saw a group of deers drinking water very patiently even though they also saw me. As I came close to them they ran away into the darkness of the wood behind the stream.

In the cool morning we went to see the animal salt lick area. We walked pass the red grassland to the forest in the hills. It was about half an hour walk to get into the woods.

The one carrying an rifle was the park ranger.
Walking the grassland

Old animal watching platform in the trees In the forest there was an old platform setup in the trees for wildlife watching. When the animals came to get minerals from the salt licks nearby people quietly staying there could see. The platform was in a bad shape and there had so far been no attempt to repair. However it was still usable.

Animal salt licks among the thick forest. By inspecting the foot prints park rangers could tell which animals came here. They used to find foot prints of elephants, deers, wild pigs, bisons and tigers. These salt licks were discovered and dug out by mainly elephants. Animals get minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, etc. necessary for the living.

We spent some time there and went back to the guard station Klong E Tow for breakfast and to continue to Bungpai station.
Animal saltlicks near Klong E Tow

Passing grassland to Bungpai station Klong E Tow to Bungpai trail was about 7 km passing several streams mostly dry or with little water then. The last part of a few hundred meters was grassland as tall as 2 meters. Once we emerged from the forest and entered the open grassland it was hot. The sky was clear and the sun was shinning.

After a rest at Bungpai station we continued waking another 2 km to the road. In this picture we were entering the forest a couple of hundred meters from Bungpai. We walked in the forest until we reached the road. On this trail we saw two other people - first time to see tourists during two full days in the forest. Bungpai to the forest

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