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Thailand Photos: Cheow Lan dam lake at Khao Sok national park: 31 May - 02 June 2004
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Raft houses at Tone Toey station Bamboo huts on bamboo rafts at Toen Toey station in the southern middle portion of the dam lake. These very basic accommodation could be booked by contacting Bangkok's Royal Forest Department or Khao Sok natonal parks' headquarters.

The raft houses were made of bamboo and thatch. They were set up on bamboo rafts moored to the land. This hut was waiting to be cleaned. Inside they provided bedding, pillows and blankets. Toilets and bathrooms were on the land. A floating restaurant provided foods and drinks.

Electricity was provided by an engine from 6 to 10 pm, then people had to use oil lamps provided by the station. The floating restaurant provided Thai and some western foods, and drinks.
Raft house

Tone Toey floating huts Tone Toey floating huts viewed from the land where toilets and bathrooms were. From this station people could arrange the trips to hike into the forest to explore the caves and waterfalls, as well as to view wildlife.

Krai Sorn raft houses in the western middle part of the lake. Few bungalows and staff houses were built on the land. People there told us that there were mosquitos in the land, but almost none on the lake water. Later in Khao Sok national park a local guide gave us his opinion that mosquito eggs laid on the lake water were eaten by fish thus making it almost impossible for mosquitos to survive on the lake waters. Krai Sorn raft houses

Krai Sorn floating hut An raft hut at Krai Sorn station. These huts were basically the same as those at Tone Toey station.

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  1. Dam and boat piers
  2. Nang Prai raft house
  3. Tone Toey raft house
  4. Krai Sorn raft house
  5. Khao Sok national park headquarters
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  2. Phanom
  3. To Krabi, Phuket on highway 4118
  4. Klong Phanom national park headquarters
  5. To Takuapa, Phuket, Phang Nga
  6. Klong Nakha wildlife sanctuary
  7. Klong Saeng wildlife sanctuary
Map of Cheow Lan lake

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