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Thailand Photos: Cheow Lan dam lake at Khao Sok national park: 31 May - 02 June 2004
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These pictures are selected from our short survey trip to Khao Sok national park and its northern neighbour Cheow Lan dam lake in Surat Thani province. We took a sleeper train Bangkok to Surat Thani Punpin station. We spent just two nights for some photos and information.
Ratchaprapa or Cheow Lan dam. EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) offices, power station as well as guest bungalows were there. The dam that created the lake behind

By boat on Cheow Lan lake - Khao Sok Beginning of the trip on waters. We rented a long tail boat at the dam station to explore the lake which was formed by damming the streams in 1982. The green color lake was dotted with high steep limestone hills. It was one of the most amazingly beautiful lakes in Thailand.

Due to the vertical nature of cliffs and hills travel by boat was the most convenient way to explore. There were places where people could set out for a nature walk, caving and climbing.

The forming of the dam (it was also called Ratchaprapa dam lake) was seen as good as well as bad by different groups of people. It provided water for farmlands and electricity generation. It also might raised, at least a little bit, the degree of danger for natural disasters such as earth quick. There had been reports of damage to many wildlife species. Some said the lake provided easy access to the deep jungle by boats thus creating danger to the wildlife and plants species. Cheow Lan lake or Ratchaprapa dam lake

The waters with high cliffs shrouded by mists of couds A beautiful scene of cloud-shrouded cliffs that dotted the lake waters. As we moved and turn the edge of the hills we were thrown upon by new views. It was like you never know what is waiting behind the hill.

The clear and clean emerald green water and the hills it surrounded. From this and previous pictures ones could see that the water level in 2002 was quite lower than it used to be. Look at the mountain walls close to the water without trees. That part used to be under the water in the rainy season from May to December. The emerald water and the mountains

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