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Thailand Photos: Umphang - Ti Lo Su: 20-23 Mar 2002
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Kloh Tho stream On the third day morning, after the camp breakfast we left Ti Lo Su camp to Ban Kotha - a Karen village 7 km away. We walked along Kloh Tho stream - the downstream of Ti Lo Su. The whole thing was like a green glass and green leaves. There was no other people, quiet apart from the sounds of the nature.

The trail Ti Lo Su - Ban Kotha village The trail Ti Lo Su - Ban Kotha village
The forest trail between Ti Lo Su waterfall and Ban Kotha Karen village. The 7 km trail was not difficult, it was just easy to moderate. We finished it in two hours. Most part of the trail was along the Kloh Tho stream.

Ban Kotha Karen village in the middle of the forest near the stream. There was no car road access. The house design were same or similar to other hilltribe villages in Chiang Mai or Mae Hong Son areas. Ban Kotha Karen village

Primary school - Ban Kotha Small primary school at Ban Kotha

A house in Ban Kotha. Villagers here worked their vegetable and fruit gardens, made handicrafts and clothes. Few families had elephants. Home stay was possible for tourists. Ban Kotha house

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