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Thailand Photos: Umphang - Ti Lo Su: 20-23 Mar 2002
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Maeklong river - Umphang Maeklong river in Umphang was flanked on both sides by high cliffs and forested hills. Caves, waterfalls and streams, long plants climbing the hill-sides were everywhere. The water level was quite low due to dry season, however we did pass several white waters. Even in the dry season the forest was quite green and there were birds, butterflies and insects.

Our rubber boat passed under the overhanging cliff of a mountain. It looked like passing a cave. We were completely surrounded by cool green and wet world of river and jungle. The air was fresh, and we heard sounds of insects and the forest. Cave on the Maeklong river

Water falls to the river The only other tourists we saw while rafting on Maeklong river. They were riding bamboo raft. The raft passed by the tall waterfall. The rocks were covered by green ground plants that took energy from the sun, soil and the water. The mountain brook flowing over the cliff dropped into the Maeklong river thus helping form the river system.

The road to Ti Lo Su waterfall in the dry season. This jungle road linked the waterfall and the town. At the end of 3 or 4 hours rafting people could use this road to reach Ti Lo Su waterfall. In the very wet months (Aug, Sep, Oct) it would be flooded and you have to walk. Jungle road Ti Lo Su - Umphang

Ti Lo Su waterfall Ti Lo Su waterfall in its driest state. The fall actually was a cluster of several waterfalls. The overall size was said to be about a few hundred meters tall and wide. The green emerald color waters in each pool at the foot of falls were very clean and clear. We spent some time swimming there.

That night we slept in tents at the camp 1.5 km from the waterfall.

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