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Thailand Photos: Umphang - Ti Lo Su: 20-23 Mar 2002
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In the middle of summer season we headed to the Li To Su, one of the most beautiful and largest waterfalls of Thailand, located in Umphang district of Tak province. The trip we took was a minimum four days trip. On the first day we stayed in Umphang. Second day was white water rafting on Maeklong river and walking to the waterfall. On the third day we visited a small Karen village in forest and came back to Umphang.

The trip was organized by

Mae Sot - Umphang road A scene from Mae Sot - Umphang highway no. 1090. These pickup trucks ran between Mae Sot market and Umphang. The 168 km trip consisting of more than 1200 curves some of them actually turn you 180 degrees took 4 to 5 hours. On both sides of the road were green mountains and villages.

The pick up trucks parked in Umphang town. They charged Thai Baht 100 per person (2002) for one way. They could be seen running the road from early morning until sunset time. There was no schedule; when the car is nearly full it would move. In the rainy season they took longer to complete the trip.

The tour operator picked and delivered us from and to Mae Sot, so we did not take these public pick up trucks.
Pick up truck that runs between Mae Sot and Umphang

Umphang town Umphang town, a small establishment of mostly northern Thais and Karen people. It looked like no other places in Thailand I had been to. It was like a town in the middle of forests. However it had electricity, a good hospital, post office, police station, market, and even few Internet cafes.

There were some houses whose columns were made of solid tree trunks!

Morning market in Umphang. Actually we arrived there quite late on the last day. There were not many people left. Usually people came to buy breakfast and vegetables in the morning market. After about 9 AM it became almost empty. Umphang morning market

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