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Thailand Photos: Mae Hong Son hilltribe village home stay: 26-28 Oct 2001
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Lisu childen dancing Lisu village was located north-west of Mae Hong Son town - a day walk by tribe people to the Thai-Myanmar border. We were provided lodging at a wooden house with a large room inside. Dinner was prepared outside around a wooden table under the blue sky. After the dinner these children danced to their traditional Lisu music.

This village was the only Lisu village in the area. The other nearest Lisu village was at quite a far away place. Original members of the village came from Myanmar's Shan state. All children were born inside Thailand. These people viewed all people across the border as the same.

A view from the Lisu village before sun down. Their paddy fields were along the hills. Within and around the village area they had small fruit and vegetable lands. They had pigs and chickens for their own consumption. They had some income from offering home stay and selling handicrafts to the tourists. A view from the Lisu village

Sundown view from the Lisu village After the sunset the view was like this from the mountain top where Lisu people kept a spirit house for worship.

On the third day, after breakfast and saying good bye to our hosts, we walked down the hills. We passed bamboo and other woods, river streams as well as small firm lands. Our lunch was had on the way in a farm hut. Going down the hills to the road

Lisu hunters looking for birds On the way down the hills we saw these teenage hunters looking to shoot birds in the forest. They were Lisu children from the village we stayed last night. Later I was able to send this photo to the sister of one of the boys in the picture. They were hunters, gatherers as well as farmers.

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