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  Elderly Lisu people playing his traditional guitar, Mae Hong Son
A short return visit to Lisu Kung Patueng village in Mae Hong Son (04 - 06 January 2010)
Prasert Hin Phnom Rung - Khmar temple, Buriram
A short trip to the lower north-eastern Thailand: part of the trail of Angkor Wat or the ruins of Khmer architecture; Prasert Hin Muang Tam, Phnom Rung, Phimai, and Phom Wan temple sites, museums, and life and scenes of people living around the archaeological sites (12 - 14 September 2008)
Mairood fishing village, Klong Yai, Trat, Gulf of Thailand
A trip to seaside fishing community of Mairood village, Klong Yai in Trat province, and Laem Sing Lighthouse at the mouth of Chanthaburi river overlooking Gulf of Thailand (03 - 05 May 2008)
Sunset view from Khao Laem mountain peak - Khao Yai national park
Four days and three nights adventure jungle expedition by International students of British School of Kuwait in Khao Yai national park from 19 to 22 April 2008
Mae Klong river in the mountains
Um Phang, bamboo rafting, trek to Thilorsu waterfall, Kotha village, Thipogyi village, Mae Klong river, and to Platha village (17 to 21 March 2008)
Thilor Lay waterfall - Umphang
Umphang, Thilor Su waterfall, Klotho stream, Ban Kotha and Thipogyi Karen villages, Mae Klong river, Bamboo rafting to Thilor Lay waterfall - 4 days trek, camping and homestay (29 February - 04 March 2008)
Walking up the waterfall
3 days and 2 nights trekking and jungle camping starting at Nang Rong waterfall in Nakhon Nayok, passing Sai Yong Hin waterfall, Tad Ta Pu waterfall, to the road in central part of Khao Yai national park (28 - 31 Jan 2008)
Camping on Lay Kathit hills - Umphang
5 days 4 nights jungle trek, camping, Karen hilltribe village homestay, Thi Lor Su waterfall, bamboo raft crossing river: Platha village - Mae Klong river - Lay Kathit hills - Thipogyi village - Thilorsu waterfall - walk to the road in Umphang from 16 to 21 Jan 2008
Sai Yai river
North to south across Khao Yai national park's eastern end: from Klong Blagang in Wang Nam Khaeo to Sai Yai river in Nadi - 3 days and 2 nights jungle trek and camping. The last such nature walk done was a year ago; it is truely out of the beaten track adventure and forest survival. Khao Khamphaeng mountain, Wang Haew waterfall, Sai Yai river, Kaeng Hin Phoeng rapids (02-05 Jan 2008).
Jungle camping in tents
Trek in eastern part of Khao Yai national park - Klong Blagang sub station to Namtok Wang Haew waterfall on Sai Yai river. First overnight forest camping trip in four months to this area of Khao Khamphaeng mountain (01 - 02 Dec 2007).
Sunrise view from Doi Pha Tang - Chiang Rai
29 Oct - 05 Nov 2007 Chiang Rai, Ban Pha Tang (where some of Kumintan Chinese army members settled), Thai-Lao border view points; Ban Huak border market in Phayao province; treks in Doi Phu Kha national park, Nan national museum, boats on Mae Nam Nan river; Sirikhit dam lake in Uttaradit; Loei province, Chiang Kham, and Nong Khai on Mekong river.....

(This trip continues to north-eastern Thailand; caves, limestone mountains, rivers, waterfalls, villages of central & southern Laos)
Elephants and their trainers from Ban Palatha, in Klotho stream
23 - 28 September 2007 Mae Sot, Umphang, Rafting and walk to Thilorsu waterfall, trek to Kotha and Palatha Karen villages, elephant back ride; and after that getting lost looking for the right trail and water in the hills on Mae Klong river bank.... whole night
Thuriya (Suriya) river between Jakae and Laytongku villages
11 - 17 April 2007 Bangkok, Sangklaburi; Sanepong, Laiwo, Tilaipa, Jakae (Sakae), Laytongku, Pueng Klueng (Boeng Kloeng) Karen hilltribal villages; Umphang, Mae Sot and back to Bangkok. Five days walk along Thai-Myanmar border.
Giant tree in Kaeng Krachan national park
23 - 26 Feb 2007 Overnight nature walk and forest camping in Kaeng Krachan national park: Mae Sarieng area
Hiking to the top of Thilorsu waterfall, Umphang wildlife sanctuary
Trek from Ban Platha on the road 1090 to Kotha waterfall, Kotha village, Thilosu waterfall, and to the road 1288 along Klotho stream. National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Gold Thailand trip of 7 international students (18-21 Feb 2007)
A jungle brook - Umphang to Chong Yen
17 - 21 Feb 2007: Trek and camp in Umphang, Umphang Kee village to Chong Yen
Phu Miang mountain peak - Khlong Tron national park
06 and 07 Jan 2007 climb to a 1600 meters peak of Phu Miang mountain range in Klong Tron national park, Uttaradit province
Trek with a dog
07- 10 Dec 2006 Trek from Ban Taphoen Khi village (Phu Toei national park) to Ban Klong Salong (Huay Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary)
View from Khao Thawanda mountain top
21 - 23 Oct 2006 Phu Toei national park in Suphanburi province, Khao Thawanda peak, Ban Taphoen Khi Karen village
A fire place in a farm hut - Gosadeng village
Sangklaburi: 3 days, nearly 70 km hike over streams and waterfalls covered rock faces, long muddy trails, through bamboo and hardwood jungle sprayed with leeches and insects; plus two nights in Karen villages (09-13 Sep 2006)
From Khao Laem mountain peak to Khao Ron & Khao Kaeo - Khao Yai national park
Trek to Khao Laem mountain peak in Khao Yai national park (11 - 14 August 2006)
Waterfalls of Doi San Min mountains - Umphang
Umphang - white water rafting, walk to Tee Lor Su waterfall, trek to the road, Karen village home stay and hike to Doi San Min waterfalls (07 - 11 July 2006) on Thailand-Myanmar border
A paradise in the height: Khao Soi Dao waterfall 16th level
Klong Yai in Trat, and Khao Soi Dao waterfall and wildlife sanctuary (09 - 11 June 2006)
Negotiating the muddy road from Muang Kua to Kwe Lok Tor
Umphang - Pueng Klueng - Lay Tong Ku - Muang Kua - Kui Lok Tor: rain soaked treks, village home stay, and tractoring on muddy road (02 - 06 June 2006)
Evening view from Doi Phanoen Thung
Hike to Doi Phanoen Thung peak in Kaeng Krachan national park (25 - 26 Mar 2006)
Kaeng Krachan national park
Camping, trekking and Karen village home stay in Umphang: Ti Lo Su waterfall, Ban Kotha, Ban Ti Po Gyi, Ban Muang Kua villages (07 - 11 Feb 2006)
Sunset at Gulf of Thailand
By boat to Koh Sichang, Koh Phai, Koh Lin, Koh Lan islands in the northern Gulf of Thailand - swimming and snorkeling - - (21- 22 Jan 2006)
Kaeng Krachan national park
Jungle camping in Kaeng Krachan national park and Phra Nakorn Kiri (Khao Wang Palace) in Petchaburi (06 - 08 Jan 2006)
Khao Yai national park
3 days 2 nights jungle trek from Sab Tai (Muk Lek) to Headquarters in Khao Yai national park (18-20 Dec 2005)
Doi Pyramid from Doi Luang Chiang Dao
Three days two nights Doi Luang Chiang Dao (3rd highest in Thailand) climb and a Karen village home stay (09-13 Dec 2005)
Wat Khao Wong - Ban Rai - Uthai Thani
Three days in Uthai Thani: Ban Rai, Wat Khao Wong, Puwai cave, including a night roughing in a Karen hilltribe village (03-05 Dec 2005)
Huay Khamin waterfall
Kanchanaburi in three days: a beautiful resort on an island and Sri Nakarin national park from 18 to 20 Nov 2005
A farmer and his cows - A village in Khon Kaen province
A visit to a small village in Amphur Mancha Khiri in Khon Kaen province, north-eastern Thailand (04-06 Nov 2005)
Climb Khao Ron in Khao Yai national park
15 - 16 Oct 2005 hike to Khao Ron, the highest peak in Khao Yai national park, got lost in the thick forest; came back with some scratches !
A visit to Salawin river
August 2005 visit to Mae Samleab, Tha Ta Fang and Ban Sop Moei on the Salawin (Thanlwin) and Moei rivers on Thai-Myanmar border (Mae Hong Son province)
3 days trek in Khao Yai national park
19 to 21 August 2005 Trek and camping in Khao Yai national park: Pak Chong - Khao Laem - Haew Suwat waterfall
Phi Ta Khon Festival
Loei, Nong Khai and Vientiane 8-10 July 2005 : Phi Ta Khon Festival, Loei, Nong Khai, Vientiance in Laos
Morning market at Hadlek border
Trat province 17-19 June 2005 : Fishermen life at Mairood Village and sightseeing in Koh Kong in Cambodia
Hilltribe's rice making
Chiang Mai province 21-23 May 2005 : Walk to Karen village and exciting elephant ride in Seameng
Flying bird at Wanakorn Beach
Prachuab Kirikhan province 23-24 April 2005 : Camp at Huay Yang Waterfall and walking Wanakorn Beach
Tall trees along with rock stream
Climb Khao Luang in Nakorn Sri Thammarat : 11-16 April 2005
Khao Yai National Park 26 March 2005 : Hike to Haew Suwat Waterfall - Phagluay Mai, wildlife spot lighting
Bamboo forest on Ramkhamhaeng mountain
Sukhothai province 4-6 March 2005 : Climbing in Ramkhamhaeng National Park, Historical Park in the old city
Makok Waterfall
Chanthaburi province 21-23 January 2005 : Trek & camp at Makok and Troknong Waterfalls & more
Sunset at Phukradung
Nam Nao & Phukradung 19-22 December 2004
Baby elephant on the roadside
Khao Yai National Park 11-12 December 2004 : Nong Pak Chi - Klong E Tow - Bungpai
Ratchaprapa Dam Lake
Khao Sok - Surat Thani 31 May - 02 June 2004
Ti Lo Su Waterfall
Umphang - Ti Lo Su Waterfall 20-23 Mar 2002
Tribe hunters
Mae Hong Son Hilltribe Villages 26-28 Oct 2001
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