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Down the Mekong river on private slow boat to Luang Prabang (30 Dec 2009 - 03 Jan 2010)

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Pounding rice in a village
Pounding rice paddy in a riverside Khmu village

In remote villages without a mechanical or electrical power, peoples still use manual processing of their staple food: rice. This post harvest processing involves temporary storage near the paddy farm; threshing or beating to loosen the rice grains; winnowing to remove dust, stalks and loose husks; storing in barn, and pounding to separate the whole rice from husks.

Making thatch
Making thatch roofing from coconut leaves and bamboo

Crossbow and arrow
A simple crossbow and arrow

A sunset view over Mekong valley
A sunset scene over mekong valley from a Kamu village

A misty morning over the Mekong river
A misty morning over the Mekong river and surrounding hills

A view from Pak Ou caves, Tham Ting
A view of Mekong river from Pak Ou cave (Tham Ting)

Where Nam Ou enters Nam Mekong
Where Nam Ou enters Nam Mekong river
Ou river enters Mekong river opposite to where Pak Ou caves are. On the south-eastern bank of the river junction is Ban Pak Ou (Pak Ou village) which commands nice views of the rivers, mountains and the caves.

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