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Mekong river boat to Luang Prabang; Udomxai, Luang Namtha, Muang Sing, Xieng Kok, Houixai during Mekong flood (06 - 14 August 2008)

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Udomxai main street at night
Udomxai town main street at night

On the next day I took a passenger pick up truck to Luang Namtha. The 4.5 hour ride was as eventful as yesterday. There was land slides, stop at a junction where the road forks into one to Luang Namtha and the other to China border. Along the road are villages of tribal communities with their respective colourful traditional clothes.

A road sink on the highway Udomxai to Luang Namtha
This time the land slide took away with it part of the road

A wheel loader at yet another mud fall
A wheel loader in action at yet another mud slide

As in yesterday land slide local people came and tried to move the mud using whatever hand tools they had. Later this wheel loader arrived and finished the work. On the queue were buses that came from China, passenger buses and trucks, trucks loaded with Chinese cargo, some private vehicles and motor bikes.

Paddy field with huts and hills in the distance under the rain clouds
Green rice paddy field with farmers' huts and hills in the distance under the rain clouds, before arrival Luang Namtha

I spent just a few hours in Luang Namtha for lunch, Internet and a short walk before coming back to the bus station for a transport to Muang Sing. Luang Namtha seemed like more touristic than Udomxai. There are restaurants serving western menu, Internet shops, nature tour operators, and guesthouses.

The road to Muang Sing, from Luang Namtha
A part of Luang Namtha - Muang Sing highway, northern Laos

The passenger truck: Luang Namtha - Muang Sing
A passenger truck unloading a passenegr, the driver taking the fee

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