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Udon Thani & Nakhon Phanom in north-eastern Thailand; across Mekong river to Laos, Hin Boun river, Konglor cave, Heup cave, Lao Luang villages, Savannakhet, Pakse, Tad Fane waterfalls and re-enter Thailand at Ubon Ratchathani: 05 - 13 Nov 2007

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A fishing net, Hinboun river
A fishing net over Hinboun river waters

After spending in Hinhoun river area for three nights we headed downstream for Tham Heup cave and our next destination - Savannakhet. We left Ban Pone Nyein in the early morning in a long tail boat. These large basket-shape fishing nets were seen in few places along the river. A mechanism of bamboo poles and ropes were used to lower and raise the net. We also saw people using kind of arrow and shooter to kill the fish under the water.The fisherman free-dive into the water, locate the fish and shoot it.

A beautiful scene on lower Hinboun river
A beautiful scene on lower Hinboun river (*)

The section of Hin Boun river between Naphouak (boat station for Nam Sanam or Na Hin on the road 8) and Ban Na Kok is said to be very beautiful because of amazing shapes of the cliffs and narrow valley width. There are large holes and cave-like cavities high in the rock wall.

Travel on Hinboun river
Travel on Hinboun river (*)

July to October the river would have the highest water level and the river flow inside Konglor cave may be somewhat dangerous for travel by boat because of high water level and faster current. The roots of this tree would be under the water at such tme.

A large hole in the rock cliff
A large hole in the rock cliff (*)

Another beautiful mounatin scene on Hinboun river
Another beautiful mountain scene on Hinboun river

High cliffed mountains seemed like looking down at the river at their feet. Behind and between these mountains are valleys, and at some times in the forgotten history there might be some sorts of civilzation that disappeared mysteriously.

Ban Na Kok, Hinboun river
Ban Na Kok village on the right bank of Hinboun river

Ban Na Kok is where we got a guide to go into Tham Heup cave. The villager guide came with a battery operated head-lamp. The small farming village, as in other villages, live on paddy, cornbamboo shoots, vegetable; and supplementary meat of river fish, pork, chicken, etc. In addition to the river route there is a dry season dirt road to the highway 13.

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