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Laos Khammouane province photos: Thakhet - Na Hin - Na Phouak - Konglor caves: 06 - 13 Oct 2006
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Cows on Hin Boun river bank
Cows are grazing on Hin Boun river bank. Many of these villages have electricity provided by nearby hydro-electric power plant. In the photo is a water pump powered by electricity to draw river water to the houses. When you go upstream the water becomes cleaner and clearer.

Ducks on Hin Boun river bank
Ducks are at every village. When a boat roars along the river they stop looking for food and raise their heads to check what is coming around. Apart from egg and meat, chicken and duck feather are used to make cleaning tools as well as for decoration. The calls of chicken in the morning are wake up alarm for villagers.

Sala Hin Boun guesthouse
So far this is the best place for tourists and visitors who love some luxury and comfort in the middle of mountain country. Sala Hin Boun offers reasonably clean and comfortable rooms on Hin Boun river bank. They have a restaurant providing good food.

River view room at Sala Hin Boun
A river view room at Sala Hin Boun. The guesthouse is located about 2 hours upstream motor boat ride from Na Phouak - the boat landing to the south of Na Hin or road no. 8.

A house in Ban Phon Nyein
Sala Hin Boun is in Ban Phon Nyein village - a good looking village with flowering plants, and houses set up at a comfortable distance from each other. The village is surrounded by paddy fields beyond which are mountains, caves and streams.

Beyond the farms are cliffs, hills, caves, mountain brooks, and underground streams
The fencing to manage the movement of cattles. After the rice fields you can walk to the limestone hills to the caves. Inside the caves are streams that go into or come out of under ground channels. Climbing over the mountains to get yourselves to other side and the road will take days.

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