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Laos Khammouane province photos: Thakhet - Na Hin - Na Phouak - Konglor caves: 06 - 13 Oct 2006
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Tat Nam Sanam waterfall - Na Hin
3 km walk to the north of road no. 8, opposite Na Hin market will take you to Tat Nam Sanam waterfall which spills down the cliff to the rocks and stones below. First half of the walk is on dirt tractor road followed by trekking along the hill side passing over stones and rocks. Nearby Ta Mouang fall, only 1 km from the road, is also popular.

Na Phouak boat station on Hin Boun river
At Na Phouak one can rent a boat to go upstream to Konglor cave, the journey taking 3 to 3.5 hours. Na Phouak is about 15 km from Na Hin market. If you go downstream you can hit the road no. 13 after which Hin Boun river flows into Mekong river.

Goats on Hin Boun river bank
Goats in their white, brown and black color coats looking for food on Hin Boun river bank. People who live along the river raise buffalos, cows, chicken, turkey, ducks, and pigs. They also catch fish using nets, bamboo traps, and fence across the river.

Two buffalos taking a rest on the sand beach along Hin Boun river. Buffalos and cows are important cattles used for both transport and farming as well as for milk and meat production. Not all houses or families own buffalos. Some farmers own just a couple of them for farming use.

Local people traveling on Hin Boun river
Local villagers traveling on Hin Boun river. They do not usually travel long distance daily. Many houses along the river own small wooden boat without a mortor that they use for going about their village and to tend to their ducks or for fishing. For a long distance travel they rely on the motor boats operated by few people. Because of higher cost they would form a group to use one boat to save cost. These boats are built by local carpenter. Engines and propellers are imported from abroad.

Tobaco leaves storage hut
Tobaco leaves storage hut. While all over the world smoking is being minimized by rules and laws, here village farmers receive cash and other incentives to grow tobacos to sell to - - -.

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