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Laos Photos: Chiang Khong - Houixai - Pakbeng - Luang Prabang by boat on Mekong river: 25 - 28 Dec 2005
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Goats on the Mekong river bank   A scene on Mekong before arrival Pak-Ou caves
Goats running along the river bank above the sand beach. Right: more scenic view on the Mekong river before arriving Pak-Ou caves.

View of Mae nam Ou rivr from Pak-Ou cave   A walking street in Luang Prabang
View of Mae Nam Ou river meeting the Mekong river seen from Pak-Ou cave on the opposite bank. Mae Nam Ou or Song Ou river originates in northern Phongsali province near China's Yunan border, and flows into Mekong river upstream of Luang Prabang. Right: a nice walking path in Luang Prabang. There are many such narrow streets in the town criss-crossing the larger streets.

A monks cpoming out of a monastery on a foot path - Luang Prabang
Early morning monks and novices walk out of their sleeping chambers in a monastery, to collect alm. It is a usual early morning scene in Luang Prabang that tourists shooting digital photos of monks collecting food from the people.

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