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Laos Photos: Chiang Khong - Houixai - Pakbeng - Luang Prabang by boat on Mekong river: 25 - 28 Dec 2005
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Cows are grazing above sand beach on Mekong
A daily natural scene on Mekong river on Lao side in the morning. Buffalos are grazing just above the sand beach. Beyond the grass is the farm where villagers grow corn, vegetables, fruits and bananas. Then comes the hills before the skyline.

Pak Tha village where Nam Tha river flows into Mekong
Pak Tha village is where people who want to go to Luang Namtha by Nam Tha river get off to find another boat. There is an immigration post. Nam Tha river starts in northern Luang Namtha province and drains into Mekong here. Pak Tha is roughly 5 km from the point where the river enters entirely into Lao territory.

Ban Khun Ting - Liou tribe people    A Liou lady ccutting fire wood
Baan Khun Ting village which occupies both sides of Mekong river in Udomxai (Udom Xai) province. The Liou (Lu) villagers grow rice, sticky rice, fruits, bananas, coconut, and raise chicken, pigs, turkey. They do hand weaving of cloths and clothes.

Goats on Mekong river bank
Another beautiful view of Mekong river bank in a dry season. Above the tall sand beach goats are grazing. Villagers let their cows, buffalos and goats go find food on the river bank. Usually the bigger cattle has its signature wooden bell hanging around the neck. The cattle keeper might be snoozing in the wood or looking for gold or fish somewhere on the river.

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