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Laos Photos: Huayxai to Luang Prabang and PakLay on Mekong river - Laos

A boat at Huayxai - Mekong river
A boat waiting for passengers at Huayxai, a Lao town opposite Thailand's Chiang Khong across the Mekong river. Visa on arrival is possible at the Lao immigration. Ferry boats are available to cross the river between the two countries. The boat in the picture is an ordinary wooden seats boat with a basic toilet, and roof. The boat travels between Huayxai and Luang Prabang.

From Huayxai tourists can go by road to Luang Namtha in the north, or go against the current on Mekong river to Xieng Kok. Xieng Kok is a small town in Luang Namtha province facing Myanmar's eastern Shan state across the Mekong river. From Xieng Kok ones can travel by road to Muang Sing, Lao-China border or to Luang Namtha.

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