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Laos Photos: Huayxai to Luang Prabang and PakLay on Mekong river - Laos

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A boat at Huayxai - Mekong river
A boat waiting for passengers at Huayxai, a Lao town opposite Thailand's Chiang Khong across the Mekong river. Visa on arrival is possible at the Lao immigration. Ferry boats are available to cross the river between the two countries. The boat in the picture is an ordinary wooden seats boat with a basic toilet, and roof. The boat travels between Huayxai and Luang Prabang.
Ban Lee village on Mekong river
Ban Lee village on the Mekong river between Huayxai and Pakbeng. Many different minority tribes live on the river banks and in the hills.
Ban Lu children
Ban Lu children in their village on Mekong river bank.
Ban Lu village
Ban Lu village.
Ban Pakbeng
Ban Pakbeng (Pak Beng) village, a usual night stop between Huayxai and Luang Prabang for the boat travelers. From Huayxai the boat will first arrive Ban Paktha (Pak Tha) village at the meeting with Nam Tha river which comes down from Luang Namtha. If ones go upstream on Nam Tha river they could reach Luang Namtha in two days. Huayxai to Pakbeng will take somewhere around 8 hours by slow boat.
Pak Ou caves
Pak Ou caves (also called Tham Ting) on Mekong river bank, opposite to the intersection between Mekong and Song Ou river. Song Ou river flows north to south from Phongsali province and enters Mekong river. Inside the cave are many Buddha images brought in by generations of visitors.
Pak Lay - Xayabouri
Pak Lay (Pak Lai) town in Xayabouri province (2003). The small town is a transportation center of Lao logs cut and brought down from the hills in the province close to Thailand border.
Pak Lay on Mekong river
Another view of Pak Lay. On the beautiful sand beach you can stop the boat and relax. If carefully prepared and done, small group nature trips to the hills and tribal villages in this province could be sustainable. At the time (2003) from Luang Prabang and Vientiane visitors can rent either slow or speed boats to come here.

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