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Laos Photos: Southern provinces - Savannakhet, Champasack, Saravanh

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Mukdahan to Savannakhet across Mekong river
The logs and lumber are cut in Laos and sent to Thailand (Jan 2003).
Savannakhet to Pakse
On the way from Savannakhet to Pakse. Thai and foreign timber traders inspecting a sample load of cut Lao wood (Jan 2003).
Timber storage
Savannakhet to Pakse road. A place where cut timber are temporarily stored (Jan 2003).
River crossing by boat
A boat pier where people and cars cross a river by boat on Savannakhet - Pakse road (Jan 2003).
People and cars at a river crossing
Local people, tourists, their cargo, and passenger cars at the river crossing (Jan 2003).
Passenger truck crossing river on a boat
A pick up truck full of passengers and cargo crossing the river on a boat. Savannakhet - Paske road (Jan 2003).
A portable restaurant on the river crossing
A lady selling food at the river crossing (Jan 2003).
On the road to Pakse
On the road to Paske, this is a good section of the road (Jan 2003).
Tad Fan waterfall
Beautiful Tad Fan (Taat Fan) waterfall to the east of Pakse. Pakse to Pak Song road.
Nge hilltribe village
Nge ethnic minority hilltribe people village in Saravanh province.
Wat Phou
Wat Phou or Vat Phou in Lao is Khamar style temple which is dating back to as early as 6th Century to the Ankor period of 9th to 13th century. The above photo shows the view of Wat Phou taken from a nearby hill. Wat Phou is located 46km south of Pakse, on the western bank of Mekong river (2001).
Inside of Wat Phou
Inside of Wat Phou ( ancient Khamar temple ) in Champasack province (2001).
Front view of Wat Phou
Front view of Wat Phou (2001).
A village school
A school in Ban Kiet Ngong village, Champasak province.
Classes in the village school
The school in Ban Kiet Ngong village. One room is divided into several classes.
Village children learning in the school
Village children studying in the school.
Old French bridge
Old French railway bridge connecting Don Det and Don Khon island - southern Laos near Cambodia border (Mekong river).
Li Phi waterfall
Li Phi waterfall on Don Khon (Don Khone) island, near Lao - Cambodia border (Mekong river).
Laos-Cambodia border - Lao side
Laos - Cambodia border crossing on Mekong river. Looking Lao side (Jan 2003).
Laos-Cambodia border - Cambodia side
Laos - Cambodia border crossing on Mekong river. Looking Cambodia side (Jan 2003).

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