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Laos Photos: Nam Ngum Dam Lake - Vientiane Province: 1999

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A boat pier on Nam Ngum lake
A boat pier at Nam Ngum Dam Lake in Vientiane province of Laos. The lake was formed by the construction of the hydro electric dam located some 90 km north of Vientiane city.
Boat building
Boat building at Nam Ngum Dam Lake in Vientiane Province of Laos. Local people build the boats using wood, metal sheets and imported engines for transport in the lake.
Lao children going to school
In the early morning Lao children in Nam Ngum lake village waiting fot tuk tuk , three wheeler, to take them to the school located in Talat Town 6 km from the lake.
Talat town
Talat town located 6 km from Nam Ngum Dam. One can take tuk tuk here to get to Nam Ngum Lake. There are buses and pick up cars for transport between Talat and Vientiane city, a distance of about 82 km.
Lao children going to school
Lao girl with tuk tuk on the road between Nam Ngum Dam and Talat town. Local people use tuk tuk for transport and travel.
Talat town
Boating on Nam Ngum Lake. It is a pleasure to drift around from island to island, surrounded by high mountains afar. It is possible to spend the night on an island.

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