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Cambodia Photos: Khao Phra Vihan temple ruins - March 2006
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Galleries at level 4 - Phra Vihan temple - Cambodia   Galleries walkway - level 4
The Galleries at level 4. The last structure of the one kilometer long temple complex. The elevation is about 650 meters above the sea level. The cliff beyond the temple overlooks the Cambodian plain.

Galleries at level 4   A Cambodia village seen from the cliff
The inside structural details of the Galleries walkway at level 4. Right: a Cambodian village in Phra Vihan province seen from the cliff at the temple. From Cambodia side people could go up a dirt road to the temple. However whether or not foreign tourists are allowed to go that way is not known.

A window at level 3   Sand stone slabs on level 2 structure
Walking down the levels we took few more photos. A window at the structures on level 3. Right: Sand stone slabs are constructed and laid using a unique method throughout the complex.

Laos, Cambodia and Thailand meet here at emerald triangle
Laos, Cambodia and Thailand meet here at emerald triangle point. Thai side of the place is inside Phu Chong Nayoi national park (about 90 km to the east of Khao Phra Vihan national park) in Ubon Ratchathani province. Lao side is in Champasak province about 60 km from the famous Siphan Kone (a section of Mekong river with many islands). Cambodia side is in Phra Vihan province.

Phu Chong Nayoi national park offers nature walking, waterfall visit, camping. It is possible to do one to three days trekking and camping. Best time is in rainy season and cool season (August to January).

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