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Cambodia Photos: Khao Phra Vihan temple ruins - March 2006
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Sun rise at Khao Phra Vihan national park camp ground - Thailand   Border area car park and market - Thailand
A sun rise view from the camp yard in Khao Phra Vihan national park (Thailand side). Tourists from Thailand side have to pass the national park to be able to enter the ruins of Khmer temple in Cambodia. The park has a camp yard with public rest rooms, but most visitors are day return tourists. Right: Thai side border area with car parking and market.

Pha Mo E Daeng - Thailand   Staircase to the first level - Phra Vihan temple
Pha Mo E Daeng in Thai side border area, the cliff overlooking the Cambodia's Phra Vihar province below. Right: the staircase to thre first level of Phra Vihan temples inside Cambodia.

Ruins of temple structure at first level   Staircase to level 2 - Phra Vihan temple
The ruins of temple structure at the level 1. About one kilometer length of temple ruins on four levels are located toward the end of the hill with cliff going down to Cambodia's Phra Vihan province below. Right: the staircase to the level 2.

Reservoir at level 2, close to the staircase to level 2
Reservoir at level 2, on the causeway and close to the staircase to level 2.

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