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If this happens within and near you, will you know what really happens? (12 November 2005) Back to stories index
Note: all names in this story are imaginary, not real. And the story itself is imaginary too.

Abba looked up into the dry and hot sky while running for his life. Loud explosions and dusts filled the narrow streets of the small town of about 20,000 natives. Just 30 seconds ago he shot dead an enemy soldier at 200 meters, and now he literally packed his life in a leaf and ran for cover through rubble of building after building.

Several months ago Abba was a simple cattle herder and part-time shop keeper. The death of his mother forced him to join the resistance to fight. As a new fighter he received nothing but an old second hand rifle, several packs of bullets, and a short training course. He still wore shirts and pants with holes in them, and a pair of rubber slipers. The tragic story of his monther's last day was told by his 11 year old brother. Their 50 year old mother was coming back from picking water outside their village while she saw their father arrested by soldiers. She picked stones and threw at them. One soldier shot her. She fell but only to rise again with a stone in her right fist. She raised her hand and took the second shot. She fell again but rised her bloody body, yelled and raised her hand again. The third shot sent her to another world. She still held that white stone in her fist.

Seconds after he rushed into an empty building there was a sound of aircraft flying over followed by a thud sound of collapse of the upper part of the building. He was on the third floor. He knew he had got no time. He did not use the ladder, instead jumped right to the first floor and ran. While he was squeezing himself between the two collapsed walls, large chunks of concrete fell from the top. He dived to escape. While he fell in a heap near the exist doorway another concrete block pressed his left leg. He was now confined to lying position on his back.

Swallowing the pain he quickly looked outside and saw the head gear of an enemy soldier poping out from a corner of another building. 'I see you first,' he murmured to himself and at the same time aimed his rifle and pressed the trigger. The rifle made 'click' sound and went jammed!

At the instant his rifle refused to work Abba realised it was just in a matter of half a second he must leave the world. For he had got no second weapon and his left leg was flattened under the heavy load of concrete. He had no means of protecting himself. He was now a static target. Suddenly Abba remembered his mother. The old lady took two gun shots and still rised to try to stone the enemy with star-war class technology. Ofcourse she was defeated. Abba did not know any politics what so ever. He did not know who was right or who was wrong. He was only protecting his and his people and their land from those he believed were invaders. Did he lose the war he was fighting? It did not mattar. But he believed he could do much more if he got a good gun, if he got a pair of good boots to wear, if he got proper support, if he got communication gear. Abba realised with acceptance that that was the end for him. He would leave here for good. He had done his best. Then that half second passed and strong explosions of gun fires reduced his head into a pool of blood and blood-soaked tissues.

Two months later.
Mekk was back home from a year of freedom creation mission. He had got a kind of sickness in his mind. He reported to his doctor that he saw in the dream a woman holding a weapon trying to kill him, that he finally had to shoot her to protect his own life. He later told his wife that he needed rest - a complete makeover. He wanted to take a month-long trip to the orient. His wife and young son would not go together because they were not free. He assured his wife and his son that he would come back - fresh and sound.

One Friday.
Khamla checked the email again to make sure she knew his flight time correct and confirmed. Today evening she would see in person someone she found on the Internet. She had booked a room in a middle range hotel in downtown. She would meet that Net-friend in the airport and take to the hotel. The day was Friday and Surapon would come back to their apartment late. She was excited. She saw his picture already. He looked very handsome. She also sent her own picture to him. She knew he was coming back from a freedom installation operation. So he must have done alot of adventure, dangerous and good works. He must be a great man. She was not sure if she could speak good English. She had been studying with native speaking teachers for 7 months already. Anyway tomorrow morning she would attend a class again and ask her teacher what to talk in English in a first date.

Surapon was driving his girlfriend Khamla to her English class. He would then continue to his work. He worked in a foreign trading and import company. Now he was in his 3rd year in the company and he thought he was doing good. He now had a car, good basic salary, and decent commission from his sales of imported items which included cosmetics, alcoholic drinks and fancy stationary items. Once a year overseas vacation for two people was now reality, not a dream anymore. He directly reported to his foreign boss.

Yesterday Khamla told him that she was going to up-country for a week with her girlfriends. They would leave the town this evening. He told her to keep in touch with him sending short phone messages, and to enjoy the trip carefully. Khamla reminded him not to work too much. 'You are very - - er - - thin,' she said at a red traffic light. Surapon did not respond to his girlfriend of 2 years. But he said to himself, 'I don't try to become small. This is what I received from my generations and the food my parents fed me.' At the foreign language school Khamla got off and gave him a nice smile and said,' Take care. See you next Sunday.'

Saturday evening.
Khamla listened with great attention to what Mekk was talking over their dinner and drink. She wanted to understand every single word. Mekk talked a lot and Khamla was responding now and then. Now Khamla knew the hardship of a peace mision that Mekk had completed. Mekk had to learn the use of all kinds of equipment, weapons, communication gear, computerised items. Mekk had to carry heavy load of war weapons and protection gear every day at every mission. And he must withstand the type of weather he was not used to before. They must be very smart, very strong, and able to make correct decision in a split second. They talked for nearly two hours. Mekk completed his story with the event in which he shot the enemy soldier who tried to ambush him from a destroyed building. 'I heard a sound and on the instant I knew it was enemy,' Mekk said. Then he continued to tell Khamla how he quickly eliminated his enemy with rapid and precise shorts. Khamla was thrilled. 'You are very wonderful real man; we do not have men like you here,' Khamla said honestly with a shy smile, moving her slim body in the chair.

Then Khamla explained the plan for their travel. ' When we wake up in the morning, say, about 8 O'clock - - - .' She was talking with great excitement. Rosy pink colour occasionally ran across her face.

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