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Old and new at a temporary hut (18 August 2005) Back to stories index

When the old one said she must go
My stomach felt a sadness
I thought she was not ready
I thought she still needed to learn
But she insisted she must go and will go
Then the old one left

For a while I was worried
I was worried that she might face problems that she was not prepared to meet
I was worried that she might meet something she thought was good but actually was not

Then new ones come along
When I talk to them it turns out that the old ones were better prepared to survive
I find that many new ones are incomparable to the ones who left
I find that the new ones have much to learn, practice, think, and understand

The old ones were at least fitted with basic understanding, knowledge and skills
They had seen the problems
They knew that they needed to learn more
They knew that they would face more problems
At least I could assume that they would prepare themselves to solve the problems in their life

I now have the responsibility to make the new ones learn and know
I do not forget the old ones, however I will stop worrying for them
I now need to worry for the new ones

Old worn out hut

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