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Only the nature does not lie (2005) Back to stories index

Born and brought up in Thailand as a Thai citizen I was considered lucky compared to those in our western, eastern and northern neighbours. I do not really know whether that was right, but it was what I was told many a thousand times over. I admit that I believe it to today at least half consciously if not fully consciously.

However that is what I am not much interested to talk now. These days after reading the news of Tsunami disaster in the southern Thailand and other parts in the Indian ocean I have come to remember the lessons I used to listen several times a decade ago when I deliberately missed my own class to sit in the geography class in my friend's department.

The nature or the universe is what we will never understand to its full extent. However as far as we know it is constructed of energy in so many different forms, shapes and ways. These energy are heat, explosion, formation, various movement, light, matters whether it is gas or solid or liquid or in any other form, and so on. These are dynamic and always changing and moving in relation to another. There are stars of heat and explosion, planets and comets of various compositions.

Some planets are thickly covered by icy objects of minus hundreds of degrees celsius in temperature. Others may have atmosphere at thousands of degrees celsius temperature. Yet there are still those which have no atmosphere at all or covered by toxic or acid gas all around them. Many planets are under the constant pounding rain of ice, gas or debris from revolving objects. But these situations do not go forever the same. The acid rain on a planet may last for 100 million years and then the planet might enter another season of, say, dry period without any rain but empty windless atmosphere for 200 million years. And the changes go on. At certain time an army of space travelling rocks could hit a planet and abruptly change its climate. A planet circling a star for 3 billion years could sway off the course by a small (unbalanced) force of nature. It would either be sucked into the orange-hot star or thrown away into the deep cold space. If there were life on that planet this would be the dear death order for all (without discrimination) by the god of nature.

At one time during the course of the life of universe a place, by luck or by accident, could become to have a certain climate pattern and mateials that support some kinds of living organism. This is believed to be very very rare and it is of course for a period of time according to the law of change of the nature. Life is formed on that place and left to struggle to survive. The nature as a whole may not notice the forming of lives at a place at a time in it. The nature goes on its change. The life-friendly environment could exist for few hundreds of thousands of years or millions of years.

If we could look at the micro details of the life-friendly period we would see many mini changes of nature such as day and night, seasons, hot and cool places, low and high elevations, climate change, physical and chemical change of the place. Then we would also see that changes could be done by nature as well as by the living things. By common sense we could understand that the later kind would become significant as the living creatures develop. Many disasters would take place along the life-friendly time line, some of which could be deadly. Part or all of the life could be wiped out at one great disaster. But then it is still too tiny for the nature, and the place might eventually develop a life-friendly environment and the life could come back to survive.

We are right now in a life-friendly enviroment of the earth. We have atmosphere with Oxygen, sea and rivers with food and energy sources, land and islands with soil, plants and animals, changing weather that allows us to grow various crops in different months and places, mountains and forests and landscape that create amazing scenery. The temperatures are just appropriate for us to live. These are all very much friendly for us. But who did it for us? Sure, no one of us.

Are we aware of the fact that our world is just a tiny part in the vast universe, and that it is also undergoing the changes of the nature, and that the conditions can go wrong at any point to give us a hard time to struggle to survive? Yes I believe many people understand this fact more or less. However does that create love among us and spirit of working and preserving our world together? I do not know!

Now look at what we are doing. To get to the main point, we are the ones who create love, respect, and hatred among us. Who we are to love or hate in general is in many cases the matter of national education from the childhood. That is done by mass communication such as books, text books, newspapers, magazines, tv, movies; communication with parents, teachers, friends, neighbours, etc. Normally the one who has authority and power will create pattern of love, respect and hatred the way it wants.

After the 26 December 2004 Tsunami disaster I have read lot of news about people helping each other, donating things, money, and blood for the needy. People showed love and sympathy on one another regardless of color, nationality, race, etc. Then several days later things that were untold before emerged in few newspapers. Because of shortage of refrigerated containers authorities put western corpses in the containers and the rest (Asians and Thais) were buried in the ground for temporary storing, because they feared that western embassies would complain. Then there were thousands of Burmese Tsunami survivors, who received little or no help at all. Things like this could continue to be discovered bit by bit or forgoten forever.

As the human population grow, develope and set up civilizations many new businesses emerge. Money becomes one of the most important things of all. People produce products and services and sell them to earn money to buy things we need or want. Authorities use money and resources to do research on things they believe their country needs. Some of the money we spent to buy something may go to the advanced weapon system research in a country to protect its interests. And some may go to the new products research that will create new things that we will buy in next year. Yet others might go into marketing research to develop ways to make "use of their products or services" a fashion that would become a norm of people life. And the list goes on. The main goal of each country is to climb the power ladder, to be more powerful than others. To be more powerful is to be able to order others to do what it wants.

In Thailand and many other countries imports of goods are not checked for environmental and mental health concern. For example we do not think about what will happen with a product after the use, and how about their packages. We have yet to realise that we need to think about the products' effect on the health of the users. Cost of disposal, cleaning the environment, recycling, etc. have so far never come under the consideration in the import or creation of a new product. We just need new jobs and new money for the growing population. So there are piles and piles of millions of products many of which are not only useless after a short time but also harmful for us and our environment.

To make businesses earn money marketing and advertising are working hard to create flow of money from consumers to the producers. Many of what we hear and read in advertisement are fabricated. We are not able to stop those who lie. But then there are cases in which we ban or do not like to purchase some products and services which are aparantly useful and harmless just because these are produced by the people we are taught to hate.

There is an old saying "Dead people are honest because they are no longer able to lie". Another one says "Good people die sooner". Whatever goes on in our human world the nature will never lie.

(Note: the same story was published in in Jan 2005.)

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